Scotch Pride


My name is Laird Morrie and I’m the ruler of all you survey.

Version 2

This is my princess.  We’re about the same size.

Version 5

As you can see, my brother Diego is twice my size


And although it looks like he is killing me in all of these tussling  matches,



In fact, I always come back for more.  More often than not, I am the aggressor.  More often than not, the bigger dog wins.


Yet still, I remind myself, I am royalty.  And I pounce again!


This is Frida, one of the three ladies of the house.  Here she maintains her distance.


This is the other non-human lady of the house. Neither of these ladies likes me much, for I like their dinners entirely too much. Sometimes I jump up on the ledge of the wall and reach up to dine on what this lady leaves behind. Sometimes I dine on it before she’s ready to leave it behind, so my mom put a big plant on the ledge.  Now I wait for a rainy day, when my mom puts the cat’s meals in the garage rather than on the wall. Then I can jump up on the lower wall near the gate, jump up to the workbench in the garage, and eat her whole meal before she sees it.  I am Morrie, Laird, jumping dog, dog of major appetites, schemes and feats of great athletic prowess


Sometimes I lie, awaiting the arrival of the third lady of the house.


When we hear the garage door opening, we spring to attention.

Version 2

We greet her arrival with LOUD and incessant barks of approval.  In this picture, we are not barking, for our mom has never had the  patience or sanity sufficient to snap a picture when we are heralding her arrival with LOUD and incessant barks.

IMG_3940Often Frida gives up and runs away when Mom bellers, “SHUT UP!!!” to try to curb our enthusiasm over her arrival.  Sometimes the neighbors run away, as well! But Diego and I do not give up easily.  When it comes to the potential for supper or dog treats, I’m in it for the long run. For after all, in the end it is staying power and stubborn dedication that win the day–and in the end, it is breeding that counts


when one is royalty, and stubborn, to boot!!!!


You might think you are seeing double if you check out Marilyn’s prompt page!

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