Compose Yourself Photo Challenge Week 10

Using 2/3 of your screen

IMG_0948 (1)IMG_8516 (1)IMG_8504Version 2

12 thoughts on “Compose Yourself Photo Challenge Week 10

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Cee. The bird was the father bird to that nestling that Morrie brought into the house in his mouth during a severe rainstorm and that we tried to save. We managed to get the parents to come feed him for 4 days but alas he lies buried in my birdie graveyard just below the doggie domain! I wish the one with the waterlily had had the open water on the other side, but alas on the side I would rather have had as relatively empty space, it was just an ugly yellow dying lily pad unworthy of inclusion! Thanks as usual for your kind words.


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