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Red Eye Ivy Leaf Geraniums: Flower of the Day, May 22, 2017


I love these Red Eye Ivy Leaf Geraniums.


Heliconia, Flower of the Day, Apr 6, 2017

IMG_3160 (1)

Love this more fragile red variety of heliconia in my friend’s garden in La Manz.  Home now where the jacarandas are in full bloom and I’m sneezing and hearing, sort of, through blocked ears.  They are beautiful, though.  Other than that, nice to be home.


Periwinkle! Flower of the Day


Thanks, Iwbut, Cee and Michele for identifying this little flower.  I’ve always loved the name periwinkle but never really knew what they looked like.


Wisteria: Flower of the Day, Mar 31 2017



Fleur de lis: Flower of the Day, Feb 28, 2017

Version 2

I love the fleur de lis-like squiggles at the center of this zinnia.  Vive la macro!!!

Written in answer to Cee’s daily flower prompt.