Crunchy, Soft and Piquant


                                                Crunchy, Soft and Piquant

Potato chips, ketchup and cottage cheese! I imagine this pairing came about by accident one day at a school or church picnic on a too-small plate, and some flavor memory insists there were baked beans and a hamburger on the same plate; but somehow the vital ingredients came to be the salty-crunchy chips, the creamy-soft cheese and the piquant perfection of Hunts Ketchup. (For the uninitiated, the process is to dip the chip in the ketchup and then scoop up the cheese.)

I don’t usually keep potato chips in the house anymore because I can’t be trusted with them, and cottage cheese is so expensive in Mexico that I don’t usually buy it; but when I make a trip to Costco in Guadalajara, invariably I’ll come home with one of their huge containers of cottage cheese and somehow, magically, potato chips appear (If you buy it, they will come) and the house echoes with the strains of some culinary Indian Love Call coming from the heart of my fridge, “When I’m calling you u u u u u u.” And so it is that the unlikely trio are reunited once again, probably late at night when even the dogs are fast asleep and no one is looking.

(This is a rerun of a posting on the same subject two years ago.) And, in case you missed it, potato chips seem to figure predominantly in my postings about guilty pleasures.  Here is a different one. Potato chips are so versatile, aren’t they? : 

The Prompt: Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.


8 thoughts on “Crunchy, Soft and Piquant

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    You got me on that one. I can’t be trusted with chips either … they get stuck in my gums. I can get behind the sour cream, but the ketchup, I being to wander off. Well, maybe it tastes sort of like Russian dressing … ?


  2. angloswiss

    I love potato chips, I could be addicted to them, so I never buy them, as I can’t stop eating them especially in the evening. However, Mr. Swiss buys them. I have never told him not to buy them and I think he likes them as well. Anyhow who am I to tell him not to buy them, I really don’t want to spoil one of this guilty pleasures, now do I?

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      And besides, if he buys them it is not your fault if you eat them. They really are the one thing I can’t resist. I like them alone but even better with dill pickle dip (dill pickle relish mixed with sour cream) or the cottage/cheese ketchup pairing described in my blog or dark chocolate. I sound like I’m pregnant,don’t I? No excuse. I don’t keep them in the house either, but I’ve discovered how to make them myself using the very thin slicer that came on the top of my salad spinner. That was something I did not need to know!


  3. alphabetstory

    Recently Hubby came home with a mega bag of chips.He seemed to be on a kick, because we already had two other full bags and one opened,,,,,,Storage was a real problem, so the only solution was a binge of eating. No cottage cheese in sight. It took about two weeks to get through them all.

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