Old Sins

                                                                           Old Sins

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No Apologies.” What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

I wrote about this prompt so long ago that probably few have read it. Here again is my poem about a plethora of  guilty pleasures!

Chocolate-covered Potato Chips and 90210

Thanks be to God for TV that’s evolved beyond Godzilla.
And thanks to him for frozen cream—both praline and vanilla.
Another pleasure is writing in bed. It’s how I start my day.
With no spouse or kids to feed, it’s where I get to stay.
I know that grandkids would be nice, but still I’m rather grateful
that being childless cuts to nil the chances they’ll be hateful.

Chocolate and potato chips, together or alone
are two more guilty pleasures for which I must atone.
I try to limit quantities that pass between my lips,
for if I eat too many, they’re displayed upon my hips.
Another guilty pleasure that’s high upon my list
is a stupid TV show that somehow I just missed

the first time that it came around and which I must admit
is really superficial, although it was once a hit.
Still, I can’t stop watching it when I am all alone—
a guilty pleasure for which I’ve found ways I can atone.
I only watch it from the pool as I do exercise—
computer balanced within view while I aerobicize.

The show I watch is Beverly Hills Nine-Zero-Two-One-Oh.
And that’s about as far as this confession’s gonna go!
I’m sure I’m shrinking brain cells, but I grow them back again
by reading hours of Marcel Proust, and then Anais Nin!
My ending comment must be this sincere beatitude:
for friends who like me as I am, I have great gratitude.

Guilty for my sins and the excesses that are mine—
grateful for the friends who still insist that I am fine
if I never turn out perfect both in looks and my behavior,
I guess the fact that they’re not perfect either is my savior.
Guiltily and gratefully, we all pass through this life,
pudgy from our excesses and battered by our strife.

But that’s how life is patterned, and we all are lucky still
that of our guilty pleasures we’re allowed to have our fill.
Thanks be to our compulsions and life’s excesses of pleasure,
for all our peccadillos end up as life’s greatest treasure.
So, thanks be again for naughty things. We both love and revile them.
With some of them we stuff our mouths. With others, We just dial them.

13 thoughts on “Old Sins

    1. lifelessons Post author

      The orange jellies with dark chocolate covering were pretty good, too. Do you remember 7-Up candy bars? They were a block of 7 different chocolates, all joined, but you could break each ont off from the cluster. Caramel, orange jelly, Brazil nut, coconut, chocolate cream, vanilla cream and can’t remember what the other was. All covered in dark chocolate. Dark brown shiny wrapper. I used to love them even though I wasn’t crazy about the cream ones. Note: After 15 minutes of Googling, I’ve discovered that the chocolate one was actually fudge and the other flavor was maple!!!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Oh yes, Roger, and they are delicious! I made them one year for Open Studio and must admit, I hoarded most of them for myself. They are even better than alternating bites of popcorn with chocolate covered almonds! See how talented I am at this?

      Liked by 1 person

  1. barbwit

    Really like your poem, Judy. Especially the rhyming ends of lines; something new poets don’t always do.
    But I’ll have to try chocolate potato chips; do you just paint them? I love salty things together with dark chocolate, and nowadays everything sweet seems to be peppered with sea salt (if you can say that).


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