In the Soup


In the Soup

Definition: in trouble, as in “I’m in the soup with the boss.”

Without fear, we’d be in traction with braces head to toe––
Each day a speed infraction from refusing to go slow.
We’d fall off tipping ladders and land upon our heads,
or go to sleep with adders sleeping in our beds.

We wouldn’t have good sense about where we should go.
I fear we would be dense––our thought processes slow.
We’d wind up in the jungle sleeping on the ground
hoping for each bungle a solution might be found.

Since fiction often follows fact, I’ve been in many a stew.
But luckily, I chose to act, so “done to” turned to “do.”
In the past I came too near to kidnapping and rape,
and luckily by conquering fear, I’d find means of escape.

After graduating college, I became a bum;
but now I can acknowledge that I was often dumb.
Fearlessness was often what got me into trouble.
My mind would choose to soften the rub of danger’s stubble.

Traveling a foreign region, I was so naive
that my mistakes were legion, so now I do believe
it’s crazy to be fearless. Now even I succumb.
In caution I am peerless––finding fearlessness is dumb!

The Prompt: Fearless Fantasies––How would your world be different if you were incapable of feeling fear?

16 thoughts on “In the Soup

        1. lifelessons Post author

          Go to the website or prompt site you want to pingback to and copy its URL. Then go to your blog post you want to link it to and hit edit. The toolbar will show up at the top. Click on the hyperlink–fourth over from the right on my blog, on top row. It looks like two chain links. A form will come up. Copy the url into the top blank and put a check in the box for “Open link in a new tab” Check that and hit “add link.” Their url will show up on your blog and if you click it it will take you to their blog. It should also send a pingback with the url of your blog and if they or other people viewing their blog click on it it will take them to your blog.
          If you want to try this out, okay to use my post as a trial…

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  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    There’s such a fine line between “fearless” and “stupid.” I have frequently stepped right over that line without noticing that the line was even there. Pure dumb luck has me alive to tell the tale 🙂 Especially when traveling in foreign lands, it is wise to keep an eye on that line and listen when people tell you to take care. Ah, but youth will dare, will it not?

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      1. barbwit

        We’re going to S Africa for 4 wks end of Sept and Joburg is one stop. Most advice has been to stay holed up in a hotel and never go outside or you’ll be raped, abducted, robbed and/or killed. Not very encouraging.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Here is one friend’s answer about what to do in South Africa, barbwit:
          “It depends on where she is going in South Africa. My contact was Claire Monson of Africa Budget Safaris. Claire is out of Cape Town but has wonderful suggestions for travel. She can be reached at
          We had no fears. We did not visit in Johannesburg but those that did saw a wonderful apartheid museum and Soweto and felt they were both worth the visit. We loved Capetown and would highly recommend a few days there. And how can one go to South Africa if not going to see the animals in the wild.
          We felt no danger.”

          I hope this helps. When I hear from my other friend, I’ll let you know. Both have been there very recently. Judy

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        2. lifelessons Post author

          Here is Harriet’s answer to your question, barbwit. Let me know you received both Harriet and Anna’s comments, please:

          From Harriet: South Africa is a big country! I recommend contacting Leisl Matthews, the travel agent we used. She is with Southern Destinations based in Capetown – email Leisl organized our entire trip; we weren’t on a tour. It isn’t a safe country to wander around in alone, so it’s best to take small tours which we did. In Johannesburg we particularly appreciated the Apartheid Museum, which takes at least half a day and gives you an appreciation of recent history. We also took the train from Jburg to Capetown which is 26 hours and very pleasant. I would highly recommend Capetown – especially Robben Island and Table Mountain, as well as Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. Again, there are small tour companies who will take you where ever you like. Cape town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and much safer than Jburg. We loved our trip to South Africa – it’s physically very beautiful and the food is outstanding. Enjoy. Harriet

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