Color Your World: Beaver

Color Your World: Beaver             1024x768-beaver-solid-color-background.jpg

Back in the late fifties, my folks  built a new house a block away from our old one.  A modern ranch style, it was built on a small hill so the foundation of our house was level with the roof line of the house behind us.  My dad built a wooden walkway and porch that gave us access to our kitchen and basement entry from the garage on the other side of the house.  Underneath this walkway, which was up on very high supports, was a dirt  incline that was almost irresistible to the neighborhood kids–especially when it rained.  One day, as I stood at the kitchen sink doing dishes, I turned off the water but could still hear water running.  I went out on the back porch, looked down and saw this sight.  It was our little neighbor from across the street, Kenny Palmer, who had discovered the garden hose, turned it on, and created a wonderful mud party for himself.  Good photo opportunity. Would that I had had my present camera.  I would have taken twenty shots to this one and perhaps have achieved one a bit less fuzzy.IMG_0006

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