Sweep (On the Death of David Bowie)


(On the Death of David Bowie)

Our world is clearing out around us,
swept by the broom of whatever moves things on.
Like dead leaves curling in their separate corners,
we miss the sweep this time,
but in our mind’s back edge
we imagine our ends—painful or quick,
alone or crowded with the vestiges of our life:
people, things, a cat curled over our feet to warm what can’t be warmed.
That broom leaning there against the corner has plans for us.
There is a world wanting to be filled up again
that needs clearing.




13 thoughts on “Sweep (On the Death of David Bowie)

  1. lifelessons Post author

    So sad to see each richness of life stripped away. Yes, replaced with others, but never with the innocence of what was once considered cutting edge but which is now tame compared to everyday life in the world, thanks to the daily news…and internet…and our inability to be screened from anything.


  2. TR

    Regular folk like me are swept away but David Bowie? He will live forever on YouTube and Spotify and….etc. His music genius will always be present as it spans both space and time. I was a big fan and have been listening and reminiscing much of today.
    Ziggy Star Dust
    Will never Rust

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