One Word? Absurd!

One Word? Absurd!

In truth, if I may be so bold,
these one-word prompts just leave me cold.
They do not give a hint to me
of what the topic’s meant to be.
If I want a prompt so curt,
so brief, so blunt, so short and pert,
I could go to a dictionary;
but one word simply doesn’t carry
enough thought to jog my mind.
I do not like prompts of this kind.
So WordPress please just heed my plea
and send a sentence prompt to me.
Then I’ll shut up and cease my rant.
But answer one word prompts? I can’t!!!!

25 thoughts on “One Word? Absurd!

  1. yyzf400

    I believe that I share your feelings. I was thinking the same thing when I seen divided today. I am thinking it will be a one word week. If I would not found a pick that I could feel divide in I would have skipped today. Great Post for Absurd, by the way.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      It’s just how I think. I admit I often do this just in regular thinking but I promise, I don’t let anyone know that. It would be just too annoying.


  2. granonine

    But you just DID, and very well, too. I’m kind of enjoying this. I’ve decided to make each one into a story of some sort, which challenges my creativity so early in the morning 🙂

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I could take each letter to be the first letter of a line. Perhaps I’ll do that tomorrow…Gotta have something for the imagination to bounce against!!!


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    Love it~! But you may relay to Ms Judy that a lot can be done with one word. Like the photo of the toad. I named it, told where it was from and even described what it looked like, all in one word. Even the scientific community could not do this, but they almost did when they came up with: “Bufo bufo”. Hope you are doing well on your retreat, I have writers block this week~!



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