Some people give their lives to it,
And others never do––
Conditions never calling for
Rash actions to ensue.
I’ve held onto my life because
Fate never asked me to
Immolate myself to save
Child, soldier, Jew,
Ensuring that I remain here
Securely in life’s queue.

I don’t think sacrifice has been anything I’ve had to do much of in my life, short of occasionally knowingly giving someone the last pork chop or the biggest piece of cake.  Perhaps this is because I had no children.

I can think of only one big potential sacrifice I made in my life and that is something I will not speak of–mainly because people it might affect are still alive. So, in lieu of writing a personal essay or poem on this topic, I invite you to read an article about the top ten most inspiring self sacrifices.  You can go  HERE to read it.


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2 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I’ve made choices in favor of others rather than me, but I never thought of them as sacrifices. I don’t always put myself first … something I often have lived to regret. Mostly, sacrifice turns out to be stupid and unappreciated. In fact, as often as not, the recipient resents you for doing it. Very overrated, sacrifice. It only works in romance novels.



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