Natural Girl

(Photos above? Before I was a natural girl! Poem below? Fifty years later.)

Natural Girl

Underneath this hairpiece, I am a natural girl.
It’s just that blogs are waiting, and I haven’t time to curl.
I haven’t put on makeup for a month or so, but still
there’s no one here to see me as my daily prompts I fill.

I don’t need any lipstick, for my lips have grown too thin
to find a place to put it, plus I don’t know any men
around to help me kiss it off and so why put it on?
That’s why when my friends see me, they think I’m looking wan.

I no longer wear foundation, for it clogs up in the cracks.
And that’s not the only makeup that my face so lately lacks.
I cannot wear mascara, for my dry eye medication,
every time I use it, sends eye makeup on vacation.

I’m growing out my bangs and so no need to shape and pluck.
My eyebrows don’t show anyway, so I say what the fuck!
Without the rest, why take the time to make eyelashes curl?
Lately, by default, I am a totally natural girl!!!

16 thoughts on “Natural Girl

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Lily. There are always so many scratches and white dots on these old photos that don’t show up until I put them on the computer.. Takes forever to clean them up given my limited technology. I think I was about twelve when that cheesecake pic in the black dress was taken. My sister’s clothes and my sister getting me to ham it up.


  1. janebasilblog

    Love it!
    I never used make-up – people had to take me as I was – but these days when I accidentally look in the mirror I feel like I could do with a bit of war-paint 🙂


  2. Catherine

    Judy. I am a deeply, deeply shallow woman. The pink dress and the hair and hairpiece do. I’m dying. I’m dying with envy.
    The tinsel on the tree..good god it reminds me of the Christmas trees I grew up with and how my dad would have fits of anger if the tinsel wasn’t placed “just so” on the tree. Fun times!
    Fun times!!!!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I have always used makeup, but when I tried to find a photo where I looked like I had makeup on or where I was really dressed up, I had to go back this far! I guess I’ve never worn as much makeup as I thought I did. Mainly I just wore it to look normal as my skin and hair and eyelashes are so light you wouldn’t even see me with out a bit of makeup.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. judyreeveswriter

    Oh! how I love these photos, Judy. Back in the day didn’t we do the dresses and the hair and the shoes. What fun to look back.


  4. hirundine608

    Mmmm … cheesecake …. mmmm!

    Aging is always a problem for us.
    Desiring the youthful look and puppy dog eyes
    the mouths, that illicit’s surprise.
    Legs that have the spider veins
    of broken webs and puffy toes.
    Grey hair sunken cheeks and gums that show

    We wonder where the looks have gone?
    Yet, look around at the now young and see ,
    how in just a few short years
    they too will
    be facing those same, same, fears.

    And, the life’s cycle goes ever on …

    For what it’s worth? I like the aging process. No resentment for our faded youth’s fine look. Just ever thankful that life has kept me around to appreciate my time. Hopefully when I’m gone. My grandchildren will have the loving memories that I have of my grandparents. Be here now. Cheers Jamie.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha… Love it when you get so into these posts, Jamie. Actually, your description of aging cheered me up as it makes me feel young by comparison. I actually don’t want to necessarily look like I did back then. I just wish I had appreciated more how I did look. I don’t think I ever really felt up to par… Then we look back and realize we were just fine as we were. Now need to do the same for this age.

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  5. Marilyn Armstrong

    You are my soul sister, really, you are.

    However, if you wear makeup at all (and every once in while, even I still do) you might want to check out Laura Hutton makeup for “women of a certain age.” It does not make us look like you-know-who from “Sunset Boulevard.” Pricey and only online, but it’s really good stuff for mature faces.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I can only wear hypoallergenic makeup..I only use spf50 moisturizer, eyebrow powder, mascara, gel blush and lipstick–and you might not know I have on any of them. I have white eyelashes on my left eye and black ones on my right so I look like a yin/yang symbol without mascara… ha. I also cut off my eyebrows when I was little and they never quite grew back the same. Doesn’t seem like that would be true, but the eyebrow powder obscures the fact and looks very natural. Lipstick I mainly use to moisturize because I no longer have lips.. just sorta thin little lines. Hate that but I would never do the injections!



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