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8 thoughts on “Emptying

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Oh Lily, I’m so glad. I know the first chapters can be depressing, but to write a book about grieving without including that part of the experience is pretty unrealistic, I think. Four or five months is a small part of the entire process, but it is certainly the hardest part.


      1. 49lilykatz

        Your experience mirrors that of my Mom. If I can say one good thing (and there’s only one) about my husband’s death, it was very quick. He did suffer quite a bit in his last few months, and that came out in the growly, grizzly bear behavior that you described. Your book gave me a lot of additional resources, and one or two big laughs. Your poem “New Birth” starting on page 57 just amazed me. Art really does come from pain, as you said.

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