Campamento Estrella, Day 2, 2016

The camp went wonderfully today.  The kids belted out the two camp songs they were a bit shy about yesterday, their masks turned into nearly completed masterpieces, our wonderful camp counselors, one of whom I discovered today is a mere sophomore in high school, were helpful and dedicated and came up with some good ideas of their own.  The dance numbers are coming together and I think you’ll see by the photos below that the kids are having a wonderful time. We even had a few strollers-by, attracted by the music and laughter, come in and force money on us to help with next year’s camp.  One blogger also requested that I tell where donations may be made and although my intention is not to treat my blog as a fundraiser, the friend who is handling the fundraising does have a paypal account established.  Donations from the U.S. may be made via Paypal to     It is important that you send them in the  friend or family category so we don’t have to pay a fee to Paypal. 

If you click on the first photo and then on the right hand side of each photo that comes up, you can see all of these full-sized and read the captions.

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