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What truths lie hidden back of where
you wear your countenance and hair?
Behind the mask you show the world,
possibilities are stacked and curled.
Beings within us piled on shelves—
other thoughts and dreams and selves.
The self we are tomorrow may
change from who we are today.

Today our art project in camp is going to be masks.  I’ll publish photos tonight.  Above is the mask I made to demonstrate one possibility.

The Prompt today is hidden.

Mr. and Mrs. Bones: Eerily Irresistible

There were a few costumes at my friend Audrey’s Halloween party that were like magnets to my camera.  These two kept drawing my eye because every change of expression was magnified by the face paint.  Somehow, these particular paint jobs rendered the wearers an incredible goofy sweetness that I couldn’t stop photographing. They are sort of eerily irresistible.

For other eerily irresistible costumes and faces, look HERE.

via Daily Prompt: Eerie


Teen Idol

Teen Idol

No mere pea in any pod,
nothing about her crass or odd,
all things about her svelte and mod,
designer clothes, designer bod,
her face a mask, her spine a rod––
Gucci-clad, Manolo shod.
Fortune gave an early nod
to one the whole world came to laud.
Yet as we throw the final clod,
how sad this beauty blessed by God,
choosing to end the whole charade,
now lies beneath the welcoming sod.
Her famous smile––a mere facade.

The prompt word today was “facade.” (jdb photo)


Campamento Estrella, Day 2, 2016

The camp went wonderfully today.  The kids belted out the two camp songs they were a bit shy about yesterday, their masks turned into nearly completed masterpieces, our wonderful camp counselors, one of whom I discovered today is a mere sophomore in high school, were helpful and dedicated and came up with some good ideas of their own.  The dance numbers are coming together and I think you’ll see by the photos below that the kids are having a wonderful time. We even had a few strollers-by, attracted by the music and laughter, come in and force money on us to help with next year’s camp.  One blogger also requested that I tell where donations may be made and although my intention is not to treat my blog as a fundraiser, the friend who is handling the fundraising does have a paypal account established.  Donations from the U.S. may be made via Paypal to jeredepaul@yahoo.com     It is important that you send them in the  friend or family category so we don’t have to pay a fee to Paypal. 

If you click on the first photo and then on the right hand side of each photo that comes up, you can see all of these full-sized and read the captions.

Unfortunately Masked: Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge 2015, Week 32

Unfortunately Masked

Most of the masks kids made at our week-long camps for kids were stunning and you’ve seen a number of them on past blogs.  There were a few, however, that definitely qualify as oddballs!


When all else fails, just slap a feather on the end of your nose and call it art!


Perhaps it is that one sinister eye peering out or the odd misalignment of the placement of the mask that gives this one an oddball aura. I also like placement of the painting behind which gives him the appearance of having one horn that parallels the drooping ear. Does that look like a goober coming out of his nose and a little green creature reaching up to grab it?


Darling, but definitely oddball!!!



The wonderful participants in Club Estrella–an equally good experience for counselors and students alike!!!

                    Schooled for Peace, Creativity, Humanity and Prosperity

If I were designing a new school, I would make it as experiential as possible.  Maths would include hands-on experiences.  Children would learn to add and subtract by making change and algebra and geometry would be taught by application to real situations–building or designing jewelry or figuring out how high a wall must be built to block a neighbor’s view. My own education was good, but I never really knew the real purpose of algebra and geometry, even though I won the school math prize!

Chemistry, also, would be taught by showing its application to everyday life–the chemistry of cooking and cleaning, the effect of different fertilizers and pesticides in the garden as well as chemicals in the house.  The interrelation of chemicals and pollution to health and safety would be made common knowledge among students and field trips would be taken to demonstrate the dangers of pollution.

Every student would be taught music and music theory, because I know it has a huge effect on math skills and those skills translate to other subjects as well.  All students would be encouraged to try different forms of art–sculpture, clay and graphic design as well as drawing and painting.  It is my belief that everyone has some artistic skill if they can just find their own particular medium.

IMG_2015 IMG_2017


Education should be a dish full of treasures we find it hard to choose between.

Children would be taught a foreign language beginning in nursery school and both boys and girls would take shop and learn basic elements of electricity, plumbing and building.  And, dance.


But the main thing that I would insist be taught is communication skills.  In every class, group communication would be stressed, and students would be given grades not only according to their own discussion skills, but also in listening and it being responsible in encouraging others to speak.  In  small group discussions, students would take turns recording the flow of conversation, recording how many times each person spoke, how many times they asked questions of other students to draw them into the conversation and in listening skills.  I actually used this system when I was a teacher and it worked remarkably well.  Students developed more respect for each other and there was less bullying when students knew their own grade depended upon including everyone in the conversation and respecting the comments of others.


I believe in incorporating activities that encourage ethics, kindness and a consideration of the needs and values of other people.  Schools are currently so tied up in standardized testing and performing to a norm that teachers are somewhat hindered in their creativity and the teaching of subjects not directed toward rote learning and performing to purely academic ends, and I think students suffer by this.

Extracurricular subjects often center around competitive sports, many of which are violent in nature and which teach kids to win at all any cost.  Better that they be taught to win at being human beings and to learn to accept the differentness of others.  Perhaps this might help to make a more peaceable world or at the least, a peaceable society.


Thirty students had thirty different takes on how to create a beautiful mask! (Click to enlarge.)

IMG_1871 (1) IMG_1875 IMG_1878 IMG_1901 IMG_1980 IMG_1918 IMG_1909

Yes, call me a dreamer, but better dreams than nightmares!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The New School.”  You get to redesign school as we know it from the ground up. Will you do away with reading, writing, and arithmetic? What skills and knowledge will your school focus on imparting to young minds?

I chose this prompt offered as an alternative to today’s prompt.