Camp Estrella 2016, Day 5

I was too busy this morning trying to get whiskers and rubber backstraps installed on all the masks to take many photos.  Since it was raining and since I arrived first, I got soaked while pushing my umbrella handle up to remove gallons of water from the dangerously sagging roof of the canopy. Then I had 30 slightly soggy masks (from the humidity of the rain) to deal with in addition to the last rehearsal of camp songs before the dress rehearsal for parents tonight.  Everyone else was equally busy running through dances and songs as well as finishing up on the necklaces and bracelets and gift boxes they made yesterday.

The kids were rowdy from the rain and one little boy who just couldn’t stop raising trouble finally got sent home when he used a very adult word. (After countless warnings.)  Lunch––hamburgers and French fries–– was a great success.

Finally, at two, the kids were gone, we cleaned up the tables, with help I packed up 5 huge boxes and countess bags with art materials and I divided the “spoils” for two pinatas tomorrow–one for bigger kids and one for smaller kids. Then home to rest up for three hours before going back again for the dress rehearsal.  And, wouldn’t you know it.  One of my front crowns fell out!! If you can imagine me with pearly whites surrounding one black little upside down cone shaped filed tooth in the middle front of my smile–well, you’ll could see how well my day is coming along.

Trying to stick it back with dental adhesive, I chipped the back of the crown, which means a nice $450 bill.  Only money, no one died, it might still stick and save me the embarrassment of looking like my hillbilly background..All’s, well, okay with the world if not exactly right.

Parents and family were invited to the dress rehearsal. The kids singing  “La Llorena” along with Agustin nearly brought the house down!  The girls were beautiful, the boys only slightly less rowdy than usual.  Somehow, we got through the almost impossible task of herding 30 excited primadonnas through their acts.  The girls bellydancing class that was an outgrowth of last year’s camp performed wonderfully and to loud applause.

(Click on first photo and then arrows to enlarge all photos.)

Then we served cookies and punch, everyone left, and because I wasn’t ready to go home, I wandered into Viva Mexico, the restaurant our camp site is the garden part of.  Jere and DePaul and Rita were there, so I joined them.  My tooth fell out again, so I ate soup, and after most of the other customers, save for four tables, had departed, Agustin serenaded us all.  So sweet, and a woman tourist at an adjacent table was heard to remark, “I could live in this town. Imagine just living here and walking down that street to this restaurant.”  We all agree, and that’s why we do.

Of course all ideallic times eventually end, and this is what I returned to.  The last existing dog bed in the house, Morrie’s own, shredded beyond retrieval.  Good Night!

10 thoughts on “Camp Estrella 2016, Day 5

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Didn’t have to, Gordon. Mention “hamburgers” and eyes light up here. i did notice that some French fries got left on the plates, though, and some boys ate the top of the hamburger separately from the bottom two layers. Couldn’t quite figure that out.


  1. Relax...

    Wonderful photos of what will be unforgettable times for those kids. 🙂 And good heavens, does Morrie have separation issues?? What a sight to come home to after looking so forward to relaxing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know. I was so angry with him. So ironic that it was a year to the day since he had done the same thing. Can’t decide what to do about the bed. I hate to put another one in for him to chew. Perhaps get beds but lock the cages during the day so he can’t get to them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Relax...

        If he and the others are okay with not having access to their beds during the day, it surely sounds worth a try. One just hopes he wouldn’t go after your furniture! Daughter had a dog given to her that became 100% irate the moment she walked out the door — pillows and bar stool coverings (foam rubber) would start flying through the air! It was more awful than sad, but it was also sad!

        Liked by 1 person

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