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Playing in the Air

Two children fell from the top of this slide in the playground across from the house where I grew up. One of them was my sister Patti, pictured nearest the top in this photo. The second child to fall tragically died, but the slide was not removed or altered until the old school building was replaced years after I had grown up and moved away. I am the third and lowest child in this photo, following along, as usual.        photo circa 1949/50 by my other sister, Betty Dykstra Wilcox


How Old Are You?

How Old Are You?

What needless agonies and fears
await us in our bathroom mirrors—
well-lit with no protective shade
to hide the tracks that time has made.

Put vanity upon a shelf.
Mere mirrors cannot reveal one’s self.
Wrappings simply serve to hide
the real gift that is hidden inside.

That old woman in the glass
is the result of years of sass
and fun and creativity.
She’s not defined by what you see.

Age need not carry fear or menace.
for all our ages remain within us.
Calendars only go so far
in telling us what age we are.

All photos on this blog, unless labelled otherwise, are by me. The prompt today is age.

Temporary Tot

This little lady, whose grandparents and folks are friends of mine, helped show me the house her folks just bought. She was very enamored both with the giant teddy bear the former owners had left in the garage and the plush carpet. Her folks wrote the teddy bear into the offer, so both will remain in the house! The last time I saw this little miss, she was a baby who was just leaning how to walk. Nowhere is the temporary nature of nature more evident than in infants of any sort—human or animal. My own kittens should be fully grown by the next time I see them.  I hope the same is not true for the cutie who is the subject of this photo shoot.

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The weekly photo prompt was temporary.

Things are looking up in La Manzanilla!

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Old and New: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

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Other People’s Children


Other People’s Children

Rowdy jostlers—twisters, hoppers.
Shouting loudly, upsetting shoppers,
they run up aisles and spar with hangers.
Turn shopping cart races into bangers.

They bark our shins, assault our ears,
yet no one stops these mannerless dears;
for the behavior others find so irksome,
the parents merely view as quirksome.

The prompt word today was “irksome.”