The Apology


The Apology

Hello darling. Yes. It’s me,
rendering my apology
(granted, given grudgingly)
for seemingly curmudgeonly
things you might have heard I said
about your dress the day you wed.

It’s true the comment that you heard.
Yes, it’s verbatim word-for-word,
but you do not know my intent.
What you imagine, I never meant.
When I said you should be wearing red,
what was running through my head
was that you look divine in scarlet,
not that you have played the harlot!

The one who heard the words I said
knew that I had dated Ted
before you came upon the scene
but it was incorrect and mean
for her to just extrapolate
that my kind words were said with hate.

About the cake? Who told you that?
I’ve never said that you are fat.
Eat the whole thing? You never would.
I merely said I bet you could!!!
Because it simply looked delicious,
but my intentions were far from vicious.
Of course I wish you both the best
as you feather your nuptial nest.

The feather pillows, I gave you, dear?
I’m glad you didn’t find them queer.
I thought down pillows would be nice.
I surely hope that they suffice
to drown out Teddie’s awful snoring.
I remember just abhorring
all night long, that awful din
when I was in the bed you’re in.

If you don’t want to swathe your head,
the earplugs should help out instead.
I know they always worked for me
back when Ted and I were “we.”
And now that all is said and done,
I’m glad that you’re the one who won.
If it sounds like sour grapes to you,
must be because you’ve served a few!

11 thoughts on “The Apology

    1. lifelessons Post author

      No it is those well-meaning? (perhaps not) fictional friends. This poem all fiction by the way. I was without internet all day long so I wrote it on Word in between dealing with the electrician (I’ve been without a doorbell and intercom and door opener for 2 months. Guess why? Yolanda had unplugged the system to plug in her radio while she ironed!)


  1. Margaret Fortune

    that was so good so my friend your pic of the camp fabo. Did you get tooth fixed I notice there was not a pic of that look. Great you had a lovely trip back home. All is well here in Toronto . Golfing every weekend. Have you talked or seen Julika about I emailed her twice and no response . Morrie still riping up the bodoga . How is Yolanda and Pasiano give them my love. Did you get the house repainted. Can you please put out the word I would like to come in November so looking for housesitting then . I will contact Dee also. So enjoying your pics and writing have passed it on you some friends also enjoy . Neat having a conversation about your writing. My love to all Margaret Send me a list of spices you want from Canada.

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