Off the Path


Off the Path

I’ve always been a wanderer with no course firmly set.
The purpose of my journey is not established yet.
When my meandering’s over, perhaps it will be clear.
I cannot tell where I’ll be then. For now I’m merely here.

The prompt word today is “Sidewalk.”

13 thoughts on “Off the Path

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I hate to admit this was on a path leading to Anne of Green Gable’s “house”. Since it was fiction, it was her cousin’s house she patterned the house of Green Gables on. Yes, busloads of Japanese tourists who bullied us as we walked through the barn, pushing us aside in their rush to get into the house.


  1. gc

    Hello again Judy. Congrats. You were able to successfully publish your article today following the plan I proposed. I think WP got wise and froze that plan. I have been unable to publish my blog. So, until WP decides to make the 9-1-1 call for help we cannot publish anything unless you want to go to the page and post your article to the comment section. Who knows it might work. 🙂



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