Air Port

I arrived at the Halifax airport two and a half hours before my departure time for Toronto; but as you can see below, have had no problem figuring out how to pass the time:


Air Port

I must recharge my Apple.  I must post my blog.
Finding a place to do so was like rolling off a log,
but connecting to the wifi was by no means easy.
After five attempts I was feeling flushed and queasy.
Two hours before my flight would leave. I had the time to do it.
If only my computer had the wifi to imbue it!

The man who said he’d help threw up his hands and walked away.
“Oh, a Mac!!” was all that it seems he had to say
when two more tries and shutting off my Mac had no effect.
Yet still I do not rue the day I joined the Apple sect.
Their air ports may be iffy but they’ve other saving graces.
Somehow my mind just clicks with how they put me through my paces.

Once more I clicked “restart” and crossed my fingers and one eye.
Such rituals are Mac-like and might just serve to buy
admission to the Internet, along with one small oath
without which often my Mac Air, I must admit, is loath
to do what I direct it to. It has a stubborn bent.
But somehow sometimes it complies when I choose to vent.

Getting through security was navigated with ease.
And getting to my gate, again, was really quite a breeze.
But though I finally got online.  (I’m talking to you now.)
Please do not inquire about precisely how.
Macs are a fraternity with secrets we can’t tell;
but if you are an owner, I’m sure you know them well!!!

The prompt word today was “Recharge.”Thanks, WordPress, for once again fitting the prompt right into my life experience.

6 thoughts on “Air Port

  1. hirundine608

    Yeah, but now I travel with an iPad now. Far less hassle. My only gripe? Is that mac does not do flash. I’ve read that Google too is dropping flash. … sigh. Glad you managed to post. Good poem! Cheers Jamie. BTW. For each advance made in making the travel faster. It’s then gobbled up by the time wasted doing security. In fact the overall time spent is likely more, than thirty years ago?


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I will never ever travel through Toronto Airport again. It has the absolutely most complicated system with the longest walks that I have ever experienced in an airport anywhere in the world. Ridiculous.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. hirundine608

    Most airports seem to have them … walks that is. When it’s a smaller aircraft it has to be as far away as it can be. I have had no experience of TO or it’s airport. … Thankfully! Though, Vancouver was poor for that too. Step outside the area and you have to go through security all over again. With long lines and ignorant people.

    I suppose you could tell them you’ve had an operation, or cannot walk and they send a golf cart.
    Not my bag. I like the walks. You see humanity at its worse, in an airport.
    Cheers Jamie


  3. Leland Olson Hoel

    So you are an Apple user, I commend you for your dedication. I had a few early Macs, always went back to IBM. Why I have no idea?? Life seemed so much simpler, slower, in the days of MS-DOS, WIN 3.1, 8 kbm dial up.Try to get documents to work together today, it shows we have no integration in the computer world. Can anyone help me with a translation program that will translate from the scanner? I have a book written in Norwegian, I have scanned pages and can’t seem to find a translator program that will handle more than parts of a page. I tried to copy and paste, gdoc won’t open in word 2007, changed to jpg or pdf no luck. We are required to put everyyhing into a cloud now?? Can I learn to seed the clouds with my documents?



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