With Style

With Style

Style has no age, gender or size.
Its best ingredient? Surprise.
A tilt of  hat or colors  bolder,
T-shirt with suit, scarf over shoulder.
Unpredictable, zany, wild
or understated, classy, mild.
Sophisticated, silly or funny,
style cannot be bought with money.

Mexico has it, and  Paree.
It can be costly, but looking’s free.
These stylistas perk up our world—
hair up in caps or amply curled.
Vampish, zany or high couturier,
Life is made brighter by their display.
If our world lasts only awhile,
we might as well spend it in style!


(Click any image to convert the gallery to a larger format,wait a few seconds for them all to come into focus, then click arrows.)

The prompt word today is “Stylish.”

17 thoughts on “With Style

      1. Christine Goodnough

        Hmmm… To my way of thinking they’d be in opposite corners of the ring, ready to duke it out. 🙂
        I suppose it depends on what concepts the words bring to each person’s mind. In my mind having a sense of style is knowing what “goes with”, whereas having poor taste is throwing things together that don’t go with (each other, or with the person’s shape or coloring.)

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  1. lifelessons Post author

    Yes indeed. That was the point of the party. Even the food. I’ve thrown such a party in three different countries. Always fun. For the food everyone was supposed to bring food they were embarrassed that they liked. And it was all delicious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I’m glad a stylish gal like you agrees. Tried to comment on your blog but couldn’t find a place to do so. Were the models in the street staged or “found?” i.e. were they people you didn’t know who were just passing on the street?



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