Sweet Little Pain

The prompt word for the weekly photo challenge was “Nostalgia.’



All of these photos were taken on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

24 thoughts on “Sweet Little Pain

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Most were taken at the Anne of Green Gables House.. staged to look like scenes from the book. The house is the actual house it was based on. Her cousin’s house, not hers.


    2. lifelessons Post author

      It was great, by the way, Marilyn, and if not for the cold snowy winters I think I would love living there. Good company, as well. I loved visiting my friends and playing with their grandchildren as well.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Has your husband fully recovered from his surgery? Are you recovered from your illness? Everyone in the pink of health at your house? You were like a little mouse in that photo. So tiny and cute. Were you younger than the others? Paula looks so big in comparison. Her sisters were so happy to have the photo. We’ve got to figure out who the little blond girl with curls is. Driving me crazy. It’s not Jerelyn Hathaway, is it? Was she every blonde?


            1. lifelessons Post author

              I did know a Minard family. Jayson Minard and ??? Can’t remember the other name. One was a couple of years older than me and the other one four years or more older. I think they had dark hair. Very good looking. Ah.. The other one was Jerome Minard. So would make sense their sister’s name would begin with a “J” as well.

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            2. Mary Francis McNinch

              I think we’ve got it! A Jerome Minard commented on my blog sometime before the reunion. He said the little girl in the Main St. Photo I use was his sister. I didn’t remember that until you mentioned Jerome. I think he said he graduated in 57. That would be way older than you. I’ll go back and look.


            3. lifelessons Post author

              Yes.. It says July of ’61, but could have been a reprint. I thought perhaps it was the town’s 50th anniversary, but that would have been in 1957. See all the little girls sitting on the curb in old time prairie garb and bonnets? That’s what makes me think it was the 50th anniversary. That pic of Billy Sorenson as Robin Hood and me as Little Bo Peep showed us in our costumes for that parade. Portia Burns reminded me at the reunion that she was little Bo as well but was too little to lead the sheep herman Brost had provided, so I lead the live sheep instead. I didn’t remember that. (By July, the lamb had turned into a sheep too big for her to handle.)


            4. lifelessons Post author

              Mary, can you send me a word you think is overused or that you dislike the sound of or just the word you dislike most in the English Language? And ask folks on your blog to do so? I’m going to make up a poem using them.


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