“On Doing What’s Normal When Things Turn to Shit” (Red’s Wrap reblog)

“Normal has an extraordinary glow of comfort when things are turning to shit. Normal is your mother’s hand on your cheek. Normal is the blanket of your youth pulled up to your neck, your head deep in billowy pillows that only this morning seemed due for replacement. Normal is precious, rich, unique, a reward for suffering long or short.

When something terrible happens, we want normal. It might be just one fine thing that is normal while all around cascades terrible, freakish, unbelievable things but if this one normal thing can occur, then we can settle down, rest, and stop careening around, a BB in a bare room.

This morning’s paper detailed the criticism aimed at President Obama for going about his normal schedule in light of the plane shot down over Ukraine and the ever-ratcheted up conflict between Israel and Palestine. He should be at the White House, act like a Commander in Chief…”

This is an excerpt from an excellent excellent piece about how to combat the manifold ills of the world by stubbornly exercising normalcy.  Will Durant has made the same argument, but this modern day consideration of the matter is succinctly and intelligently written by Jan Wilberg, as is the norm in her award-winning blog, Red’s Wrap.  To read the entire essay, go HERE.  While you are there, you might as well “follow” her.  You won’t be sorry.


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9 thoughts on ““On Doing What’s Normal When Things Turn to Shit” (Red’s Wrap reblog)

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I can speak for Garry and I when I say what I previously thought was awful is — these days — looking pretty good. When I think Mitt Romney looks good, you know the world has gone to hell in its very own hand-basket.



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