JNWs Halloween Challenge, Spooky: Deviled eggs!!!!


When I asked Dan and Rhonda to make me some deviled eggs, I guess I should have given more specific instructions!!!!! Note the avocado horns.  Eight o’clock in the morning, and spooked already!

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Spooky

18 thoughts on “JNWs Halloween Challenge, Spooky: Deviled eggs!!!!

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  2. hirundine608

    The whole Celtic notion of halloween, is as bad as any other religious rite. Strangely or not? The Catholic church seems to follow along?

    Clever rendition? Absolutely!! Well done, both of them …. Cheers Jamie.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Many religious holidays coincide with pagan holidays. The church’s way to recruit the infidels–Let them go on celebrating their same holidays but give them a different name and focus. In a similar fashion, manyof the Catholic churches in Mexico were built out of the ruins and on top of the old temples. In one, an old man took me through and showed me all the old religion symbols the stonecarvers had worked into the church stonework unbeknownst to the priests. Sometimes they even buried their own idols underneath the altars so when they were forced to pray, they could pray to them instead.

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  3. hirundine608

    Yup, it was the same in Britain. In Wales one church is in the middle of stone circle of dolmans. Ever read … I doubt it? The Old Straight Track, by Alfred Watkins?

    His notions may be a little out of date? Still, it was an enjoyable read, some years ago.
    Cheers Jamie



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