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It’s been 15 years or more since I’ve seen fall colors. These shots were all taken over a two week period prior to my leaving Wyoming a week ago.  Beautiful time of the year there. Click on any photo to enlarge all.

The Halloween challenge for today is leaves.

Potion: JNW’s Halloween Prompt, Oct. 20, 2017

Is this just a ploy to get us to taste their magical potion?  Hot potato and leek soup sounds irresistible. Dare we chance it?



For Jennifer’s Halloween Prompt.


Treats need not be limited to Halloween. This treasure trove of calories is set out in readiness for my sister’s Mexican Train game–except for the bubble gum, which was in a huge globe at the pizza place. Who could resist that photo opportunity?  Plenty of time for photos of Halloween goodies before the 31st.



The way this works is, I sneak up on them when they are already lying down and preferably asleep.  Then, very quietly, so as not to disturb them, I whisper, “Play dead!” It works every time. If you click on any photo, they will all enlarge.

For the Halloween Challenge prompt “trick.”