Approaching Seventy


Approaching Seventy

Careful near the pool edge, careful down the stair.
“Hurry” is disaster’s brand new nom de guerre.
All the things that in the past you might easily dare
are potential dangers hanging in the air;
so don’t stand on a ladder, or even worse, a chair.
It’s different being single than when you were a pair,
for there is no one  with you to see how you might fare.
When coming from the pool, be sure the shoes you wear
do not slip upon the tile–this is your worst nightmare.
If your feet are wet and if they’re also bare,
when you plug in your curling rod, I hope that you take care.
Although I know you’ve always been nimble as a hare,
things all change with age. I say this ’cause I care.
Bones become more breakable and muscles tend to tear,
so please take proper care, dear, in your single lair.
At seventy those second chances tend to be more rare.

Today’s prompt word was “Careful.”

8 thoughts on “Approaching Seventy

  1. anglogermantranslations

    I like the poem, but don’t agree with the title. Shouldn’t this be targeted at a much older generation? At seventy most people are still top-fit.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      This is a warning…mainly to myself. I am fine so long as I don’t rush around and I’m careful, but I’ve knocked myself out twice in the past six months and had a bad fall as recently as 9 days ago that I’m still recovering from. I have had one friend younger than me die from not taking a bout of the flu seriously enough and another friend die from tripping coming out of the shower, so no, pre-seventy isn’t too soon to start being careful. Friends agree their coordination isn’t what it once was and almost every sixtyish/seventyish woman I speak to says she gets dizzy when she looks up (i.e. the no ladders.) I, too, wish I had the energy and coordination and ability to do six things at once that I once had, but I don’t, and neither do most of my same-aged friends. I’m glad you are top-fit and I’m pretty good for my age—mobile, active, exercise at least an hour a day. But I’m not top-fit. (But to be truthful, have never been top-fit physically. Mind is another matter.) Thanks for commenting, Anglogerman. I always appreciate your views.

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  2. rogershipp

    “All the things that in the past you might easily dare
    are potential dangers hanging in the air;”

    Having fallen three times this past year… .don’t I know it!




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