Web Mavens

I have seen the most unusual spiders since moving to Mexico 15 years ago.  The one little black and white triangular spider, I’ve spotted at least 3 different times in the past 15 years and they always have an uneven number of legs.  Must run in the family as it can’t be possible that the same spider has lived for 15 years.  The Golden Orb Weaver spider is my favorite.  It weaves the most interesting web.  This one remained in this spot where I saw it every day on the way to my car for over a month.


12 thoughts on “Web Mavens

  1. Soul Gifts

    A nine legged spider ? Mutant ! I had a resident huntsman in my office for several months. Until I found that she was carrying about a million babies on her back. She had to move house very quickly. A piece of paper and an empty glass, and lots of running and screaming as we chased her around the house (my arachnophobic son and I ). We did capture her and release the tribe back into the wild.


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