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Even More Little Creepers

I was having so many problems sending these last night but everything is going smoothly today, so here are the rest of the photos I wanted to publish then.  After viewing the below photos, Go HERE to see what I did publish. As always, click on photos to enlarge.


For: https://aroused.blog/2018/11/24/friday-foto-fun-little-things/

African Mask Bug: Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

I found this fellow just outside my gate. He was about an inch and a half long. I’ve seen them here before but I can’t remember the name.  Rotated one turn to the right, it looks like an African mask.

That Time of Year: Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge, July 9, 2017

It’s that time of year when flying termites descend by the thousands, chew off their wings and go in search of delicious wood to munch.  These fellas thankfully got caught in a huge rainstorm that lasted for hours, pinning them by their wings.  I woke up to drifts of them in places like these steps up to the garage. Kinda ghastly, but definitely oddball.



All One Color: Brown/Beige


This strange walking stick insect found its way to the top of  the hat of the woman walking next to me in the Amazon rain forest. I love his almost human stance.



(Click on first photo to enlarge all.)


Web Mavens

I have seen the most unusual spiders since moving to Mexico 15 years ago.  The one little black and white triangular spider, I’ve spotted at least 3 different times in the past 15 years and they always have an uneven number of legs.  Must run in the family as it can’t be possible that the same spider has lived for 15 years.  The Golden Orb Weaver spider is my favorite.  It weaves the most interesting web.  This one remained in this spot where I saw it every day on the way to my car for over a month.