Leftover Treating: JNW’s Halloween Challenge, Treats

It’s the day after Halloween, and for some reason, I have re-donned my Halloween costume, which was the unlikely choice of a Cigarette Girl!  Was this my mother’s idea? Mine? Seems a strange choice and I certainly hope the real Cigarette girls of this eras wore longer skirts or more interesting underwear.  At any rate, I can’t remember whether my sister caught me in this pose or staged it.  I think I was going for the caramels in the center of the table. Like spreading seed for birds.

Judy stealing candy

Oh, wait!  Now I can see that those were Halloween cookies in the shape of pumpkins that I was going after.  My sister Betty, 11 years older than me, had a costume party in the basement the night before and I think I was dipping into leftover refreshments.

Of course, the prompt word was “Treat.”

22 thoughts on “Leftover Treating: JNW’s Halloween Challenge, Treats

  1. Patti

    Actually, Karen Bossart and I were having the party. Karen and I tried stringing some crepe paper, but our Moms and Dads took over and magically transformed our basement for the party. I love this photo of you.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I remember the lamps with sheets thown over them and black construction paper faces pinned on. Did Betty cut those out or did you? They also brought in dried corn stalks. You went as a harem dancer with mom’s lace curtains wound around you harem style and a scarf crossed over you for a top. Bare midriff. What did Karen go as? A Cowboy?


  2. Allenda

    Darling pic! I must say. in Illinois, we were not even aware of what a cigarette girl was at that age. South Dakota was much more sophisticated, I guess. About that time Lowell and Lee and I were the three little pigs, and Georgia was the big, bad wolf. Speaking of caramels, I just finished off the last 5 in the bag. Savored each of those delicious calories.

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  3. Patti

    My choice entirely. Mother tried to talk me out of it, but I was adamant. She was still laughing about it 60 years later. I switched to being a cowboy for trick and treating; those lace curtains were cold.

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