Zits (A Cure for Acne): WordPress Daily Post: Urgent

daily-life-color226-2I don’t know why we all look so pleased about that really big one on my chin.
Teenagers are a strange species. This photo circa 1961, summer camp.

(A Cure for Acne)

Hormones need an exit too,
and I fear, dear teen, it’s you
they choose to make their mark upon;
but rest assured, they’ll soon be gone.

The need for Retin-A is urgent
when a new batch becomes emergent,
and though you quell the vile insurgent,
all too soon it is resurgent.

The solution for you is not simple.
You might consider veil and wimple
that hide both blemish and that dimple,
or simply choose to pop the pimple.

And though your folks will foot your bill
to pop, instead, the pimple pill
or swathe your face with Clearasil,
another can show up, and will.

Most folks my age have reached concurrence,
so please accept our reassurance.
Against each crop there’s no insurance.
it simply takes faith and endurance.

You might obsess and cry and pout
and wonder what it’s all about;
but it will pass, without a doubt
when age replaces it— with gout.

The prompt word today was “Urgent.”

9 thoughts on “Zits (A Cure for Acne): WordPress Daily Post: Urgent

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I may have told you this before. If I’m repeating myself, just give me the same patience you’d give a spouse repeating the same story for the hundredth time, but…My mother once took me to a pharmacy in the big (6,000 people) town nearest us–60 miles away––and asked the woman in the cosmetics dept. if she had anything to clear up my acne. I was standing right there when she said, “We don’t have anything strong enough to clear up that mess!” It did just wonders for my self-esteem, as you can imagine. The problem seemed to clear up once I got a boyfriend. Wonder why? I guess I had another outlet for all that teen angst.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yours is such a worthwhile blog. When I was a teenager suffering from a bad outbreak of acne, my mother took me to a Walgreen’s in a large town nearby (6,000 people was a large town in the part of South Dakota I came from) and we went to the makeup dept. My mother asked the woman there if they had anything that would cover up my acne and she said, “We don’t have anything that would cover up that mess!” Can you imagine? It went away but I had occasional flareups afterwards. Yes, it is hard to feel good about yourself with blemishes. Luckily, you are a beautiful woman and that is only a small part of your look. Not trivializing what I know you feel but applaud your efforts to find a solution and take others along with you. I look forward to following your blog. Thanks for the link.. Judy



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