As long as my world keeps on changing,
it’s going to require rearranging.
Poor Pasiano bears the brunt
of labor as we shift and hunt
for repair tiles for the bath.
Their tiny chips create a path
from cabinet through the garage,
joining others in the barrage
of hidden things brought to the light
that fill my garage like a blight.

For fifteen years, we have been stacking
tiles here in their paper packing.
But boxes stowed away so nice
have since been frequented by mice
who ate away their once sharp edges
so tiles fall on shelves and ledges,
spilling out to bite the dust
of chewed up paper and dirt and rust.
All these years of accumulation
lead to mess and perturbation.

Would that I’d left it as it was,
hidden out of sight, because
now we have this awful mess
and to be truthful, I must confess,
I’ve lost my patience for this sorting.
I would rather be cavorting
in the pool or on the page.
Instead, I search and stack and rage.
Dusty, back-sore, tired, deranged—
I also have been rearranged!

(Click on first photo to enlarge pictures and read captions.)

The prompt word today is “rearrange.”  How appropriate. In the next month, I’ll be replacing all the floor tiles in my house and changing my oversized built in tub into a shower.  Major remodeling here, and it was necessary to sort through an entire cabinet in the garage to try to find tiles to match the wall and tub tiles and marble inlay.  As you have seen above, it was no easy task, thanks to 15 years of rodent activity hidden away in the recesses of the difficult-to-access storage cabinet where we’d been stacking different tiles for years.

7 thoughts on “Rearrangement

  1. janebasilblog

    It looks as if you have a major job on your hands.
    This post encouraged me to glance around my flat and enumerate the jobs I should be doing. I’d get on and do some of the work, but I’m exhausted after all that glancing and enumerating. I think I’ll go back to my writing 🙂

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    We are in the midst of the annual autumn mouse invasion. Amazing how much damage those tiny guys can do if they are allowed to set up housekeeping. I bought these “ultrasonic” rodent and bug repellers that seems to actually be working. You just plug them into a wall socket and they make insects and rodents move out. Doesn’t bother the dogs at all. If you are interested, i can send you links. They aren’t expensive, either.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I have those in the kitchen and bedrooms. I’ve never had a mouse in the house per se, but they invaded the ourtside entry laundry room when we stored dog food there in plastic garbage cans. Ate right through the plastic, then set up housekeeping in other sealed plastic storage containers where I had cloth and other items stored. What a mess. Seemed to have been nesting behind the tile stacks, as well, chewing up the cardboard boxes for nests.



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