It’s not the second thoughts I dread,
but third and fourth and fifth instead—
those nights spent worrying on the pillow
while night winds howl and curtains billow.
The whine of air through frame and screen,
those curling winds that moan and keen,
echoing agonies of mind—
the doubts that blindly search and wind
through the corridors of my brain,
shedding parts that then remain.
Those times I knew that it was wrong,
but nonetheless, I went along.
Minor misdeeds I didn’t confess
left wandering my subconsciousness.
Though in our choices, we may not budge,
we are our own severest judge.
If on first thought we do not act,
those guilts pursue. It is a fact.

The prompt today was “second thoughts.”

8 thoughts on “Remainders

  1. hirundine608

    All so true, I guess. I suppose it depends on a person’s conscience levels? Still I really liked the poem and can identify with it.

    Those pricks of guilt, when at night,
    to us, give quite the guilty fright.
    Long we toss and turn at will
    whenever dark thoughts bring their thrill.

    Of chores forgotten or promises mis-spoken, ‘ere the dawn and we awoken.
    Then they fade as morn’ we greet, tip-toe away, on little feet.
    Never to return until once more
    we lie and try again, to snore.
    Cheers Jamie


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  3. hirundine608

    Hehe … Muse, I suppose. The word is frequently mis-applied. There are seven muses, each with their own name. Don’t ask me to recite them. For I don’t remember. Yeah I get the pun … you do amuse me, though. Yet in a wholesome way. I must say, and others frequently do. That you pursue your arts, relentlessly. Good one! Cheers Jamie.

    Liked by 1 person


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