Morrie’s Game


While I was last in the states, Morrie’s Uncle Ian taught him a new game. He also encouraged him to become a Scottish Seal.  The game is, that Morrie drops a tennis ball into the pool, or better yet, jumps up on a high planter and launches the ball at you so you have to swim to get it.  Next, the lucky swimmer gets to launch the ball up over the pool wall into the garden far below. In a split second, Morrie has retrieved the ball, jumps up on his planter perch, chews on it a bit and then, oops–loses his purchase and the ball goes shooting down into the pool again. If perchance you want to finish your repetition of one exercise before retrieving the ball for him, into the pool he jumps, retrieves the ball and swims to the other end where I have had a set of steps built just in case he falls in. In one year, he has gone from barely making it to the edge before sinking to being some combination of a Navy Seal and an actual one. In a one-hour session in the pool a few weeks ago, I saw him jump in 11 times. Neither of the other dogs would venture into the water for a T-bone steak. Morrie will go to any length to retrieve a ball.

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6 thoughts on “Morrie’s Game

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Remember when fetch meant you hung out in the lounge chair and the dogs ran to get the ball or stick? Now, they throw the ball and we scamper around to get it. What’s wrong with this picture?

    Morrie looks adorable. Also, exactly like Bonnie. I think they are in the same stage of “between haircuts.”



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