Always Behind Windows: Monday Windows Challenge

Always Behind Windows

Not only on a Monday, but every day this week,
we’ve been locked behind windows, through which we have to peek
to see what’s going on inside, where all the good things are.
Other times, we’ve been inside, but now we’re kept afar.
Our noses sticking through the bars, our breath fogging the glass,
as intriguing as we find it, we hope these times soon pass.
When all this tiling madness is done and gone away,
we’ll have more freedom to run free each and every day.
No more behind windows, no more behind bars.
We’ll wander boundless in our world, where we will be the stars.
But for a few more days now, we’re sticking here like glue,
so we can tell these workmen exactly what to do!

11 thoughts on “Always Behind Windows: Monday Windows Challenge

  1. M. Oniker

    Hm. This looks interesting. I promised myself I wouldn’t get too involved with things like this, but I happen to like photos of and through windows. Maybe I’ll participate with my virtual photos. Thanks for sharing these, and the link.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Can you imagine what devastation they could wreak with those huge tubs of floor adhesive? And walking over fresh floors? We are protecting ourselves from them as much as them from the dust and mess. Morrie would be concrete dust and concrete adhesive nose to toe.

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