Wish List of a Youngest Daughter

Wish List of a Youngest Daughter

Off and on, I’ve been wishing
my dad and I could go fishing.
I guess my sister could go along
so long as she does nothing wrong
like catch a fish bigger than mine
or tease or hum or brag or whine.

Perhaps she’ll sit back in the bed
and not up in the cab instead,
so Dad and I can be alone—
the truck a sort of “private zone.”
He’ll hit the bumps real hard so she
will wish she was in front with me.

Just like I always pray and pray
her friends and she will let me stay
with them, when they come for the night
and play without me, door shut tight.
Marvelous fun had down the hall,
but not with me.  I am too small.

That’s why, when Dad tells me a joke,
I’ll laugh real loud until I choke;
and my sister, sitting there behind
might feel left out, but I don’t mind.
And when we get to where we’re going,
to the stock dam, cattle lowing,

Dad will bait my hook for me
and sister, too, and then we’ll see
who will catch the biggest fish.
I guess it’s obvious that my wish
is that I’ll catch the biggest one,
and sister will go home with none!

The prompt today is “Fishing.”

14 thoughts on “Wish List of a Youngest Daughter

    1. lifelessons Post author

      That’s called a middle sister. What the sister was whom this poem is about.. but, wildly exaggerated. Just about the topic of sisterly revenge using my situation as a subject. I once made my sister cry when I wrote a story about a sister who hated her sister and was paralyzed and forced to live with her sister’s hands helping her with every function for the rest of her life. It was totally fictional, but I used some details about my own life, and my sisters, so although I had anything but that feeling about her, it looked like it was about her. Has happened more than once so I have to be careful now. Guess I need to send a disclaimer to my poor long-suffering sis.


  1. Patti

    So funny–I’ve always loved that photo where I’m holding the fish and you’re standing, hand on hip, royally pissed off about it, probably because you caught most of them. My feelings aren’t hurt, little sister.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I think it looks like I’m claiming all the glory! Do you think Betty Jo posed me or was I a ham at an early age? When did I get to be the staid correct model citizen I am now?



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