Arrive Clapping

Version 2

Arrive Clapping

The prima ballerina, the starlet and the queen
might give the appearance that they’ve neither heard nor seen
the hooting and the hollering, the screams and wild applause
emitted by the hoi polloi with very little cause
except for their appearance on the street or on the stage,
where they put themselves on view like exotics in a cage.
Yet imagine their surprise, not to mention consternation
if even a mere glimpse of them did not prompt an ovation!


The prompt today is “Ovation.”


5 thoughts on “Arrive Clapping

  1. carol1945

    Your post today remind me of a fascinating documentary I recently watched called Fonteyn. It is very long, so I watched it in 3 sessions, but really worth it. I found it on Netflix.



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