Cruel Infinity


Cruel Infinity

I cannot face the infinite—
that colossal haunted house—
too many rooms seemingly empty
that teem with invisible somethings
that I can’t comprehend.
How could I find myself in such vastness?
What in those giant corridors knows I exist?
Ego, finally, my undoing, as I fear
becoming part of what I find impossible
to grasp.

Everything I am
yearns towards the specific—
fine detail being more or less
how I have spent my life.
How can such a life be reconciled
with the infinite? Everything
cycling up and up from nothing
and, we fear, back down again.
He who says that nature is not ironic
lies or simply refuses to face the truth.

It is a cruel infinity that has included
such a tiny space
for me.

The prompt today was “infinite.”

9 thoughts on “Cruel Infinity

  1. gc

    Bravo. Infinity is cruel. The proof of this fact is a black hole. It tends to swallow up everything in its celestial path not out of malice or forethought but because that is a part of its “nature”.

    Human beings have imaginations. Sometimes this fact causes us to experience a mental sugar rush….trying to ponder the imponderables and encapsulate that which is beyond understanding or comparmentalizing.

    We all need to make our own footprint in reality and I’m not referring to a carbon one. Every time you and I and others write a story, take a photograph, write a poem or comment on another’s work we are actively helping to increase our grasp and space in this limiting universe.

    By taking action we are all ensuring that the space we have been allotted in this life has not gone to waste.

    Take care. Enjoy the day. Stay creative. 🙂


      1. Anonymous

        Writing gives me hope that long after I’m gone, it’s possible that a relative not even born yet will read what I’ve written and learn about our family.

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      2. lifelessons Post author

        I wrote a poem about that once–but it was a stranger. I like the fact that one day in the far future someone might read these words..But wonder what happens to all the blogs when someone stops paying the yearly fee? Lost, lost, I imagine.


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