Tinklegate: How I Beat Out Donald Trump in the Numbers and Became More Sure That The World Is Going Completely Crazy!!!

Fellow blogger and close friend okcforgottenman, who keeps very close watch on the internet, just found and sent me this bizarre link below that deals with a blog post I made in May. I can barely believe it, but he assures me it is likely for real. This is absolutely surreal!!! Be sure to read to the end. Somehow I never thought I’d attain my fame by an beating out Donald Trump for views!  ( Please note this posting is not really about the allegations against Mr. Trump.  It is about the internet, blogging and how my blog ended up in the middle of it all. If you don’t read through to the end, you won’t really understand the intent of the posting.)

The link: Why did people google ‘golden shower’ more on 29 May 2016 than in the aftermath of watersportsgate?

HERE is information on the website that published the above article.

And HERE, HERE, and HERE are my original  posts about the Golden Shower Tree alluded to in the article.

24 thoughts on “Tinklegate: How I Beat Out Donald Trump in the Numbers and Became More Sure That The World Is Going Completely Crazy!!!

  1. okcforgottenman

    I can imagine Josh Robbins (the writer of the article) trying to figure a new angle to the absurd Trump golden shower story. He went to Google Trends, typed in “golden shower” and was surprised to see the May spike. He looked into it (somehow – I’ve no idea how) and speculated that your post was the trigger. He figured that was a good angle to write about.

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      1. Marilyn Armstrong

        No, I didn’t. I have about 1000 email notifications in my IN box. Usually, I click through but i admit, I was just trying to get through before the next deluge hit. The pace of stuff is speeding up, but I am slowing down. And we are off to the vet with Bonnie again today for another round of blood tests so I doubt there will be much time to do anything today either. I’ve had about enough time to put together a few things to post. I apologize. I try really hard to visit everyone … but I’m feeling a overwhelmed. Partly the uncontrolled asthma which is making breathing so difficult. As I said to Garry last night, I can get used to pain, but it’s really hard to get used to not being able to breathe. Sort of takes the bloom off my rose.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know..Unfortunately people seem to be missing the point, perhaps because they aren’t reading to the end and think it is just repeating the story about Trump. The world has a short attention span. You are only the third one to have gotten the point of the posting. A plus for actually reading the post, Margaret!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      So glad you got the point of the post–which wasn’t to comment on Trump or truth or not of the charges.. Just the utter inanity of my somehow winding up in the story..A+ for attention and comprehension, Manja!!!

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      1. lifelessons Post author

        I just love it when you do these marathon reads, Manja! Helps me want to keep blogging. Just found a novel I started a year or more ago and thought I should continue with it instead of the blog but I love the interaction of the blog. You included.

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