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Presidential Seal


Presidential Seal

He’s an annoying sycophant, his screw loose in its socket.
One hand in the treasury, the other in his pocket.
What he may label progress is progress just for him
and his self-serving buddies. For the rest of us, it’s dim.
What’s seen as prosperity I fear is selling out.
How can it be that all cannot see what it’s about?

He’s selling off our parklands. Selling off our world.
The seas rise up to claim us. The hurricane’s unfurled.
The fires blaze around us. Nature has gone spastic
as it disgorges methane and chokes on all our plastic.
Lady Liberty’s in mourning. Our flags all fall to tatters.
Our leaders lost in their affairs instead of in what matters.

Our people, so short-sighted, will be called upon to pay.
The eagle on his office crest is but a bird of prey.
Both eagles and vultures are adroit at seeing,
but they are not equal when it comes to being.
I fear the presidential crest now marks what he will steal.
Its bird is now a turkey for a reigning monarch’s meal.

He claps his hands and purses lips–a barking preening fool–
as he does his silly act upon his circus stool.
He gives the presidential seal a different connotation
as he balances upon his nose the future of our nation.
Hoping that this earthly globe is one that he won’t drop.
Hoping his buffoonery one day soon will stop.

Prompt words today are annoying, progress, vulture, adroit and seeing.

Raw Truth

Raw Truth

Some think this holy gift of life should be lived as austere,
while others make a game of it, maintaining that it’s clear
that life’s to be enjoyed in all its possibilities,
and so as long as no one’s harmed, you should live it as you please.

Still others think life consists of all that you can glean.
Leaving nothing for the others, they pick the landscape clean.
Prone to public office, they’re suffused with artifice,
content that the dull masses will not see their avarice.

Considering their blindness, do folks get what they deserve—
growing ever leaner as the masters that they serve—
the very ones who should serve them get rich and ever fatter—
focused on the truth that they’re the only ones who matter?

The prompts today are clear, holy, austere and game.

All I Want for Christmas

Photo by Jose Moreno for Unsplash. Used with permission

All I Want for Christmas

A rash of holiday wishes have lately been extended,
and more will surely come about before this year is ended.
I wish such heartfelt sentiments were felt by those who rule,
and would lead to the impeachment of the world’s most dangerous fool!

Prompts for today are rash and wish.

Relax. The World is Rosy.

Relax. The World is Rosy. 

A passenger on Air Force One has issued a decree.
In flights over the ocean, he’s noticed no debris.
Thus, reports of scientists concerning plastic trash
are, POTUS assures us, probably too rash.
Do not accept the evidence of scientists verbatim.
Comments by reality stars furnish better datum.
Wind turbines cause cancer. Global warming is a farce.

Proof that GMO’s are really harmful is too sparse.
Of course we are ecstatic to discover science is faulty.
Next they’ll make daft declarations that the ocean’s salty!!!


Trump Straws – Pack of 10

Truth is stranger than fiction? Yes, it is true the the Trump campaign has made $460,000 selling plastic soda straws with Trump’s name stamped on them.





The prompt words today are evidencetrash, daft, ecstatic and flights

Donald Trump Tweets from Hell

photo thanks to James Lee on Unsplash. Used with permission.

Donald Trump Tweets from Hell

With tardy regrets I come to you, now knowing what is best,
for there are things I simply must get off my chest.
You may wonder at my timing, and you may find it strange
that I should choose the afterlife to make this last exchange.
In life I was a basket case and I too easily yielded
to the influence of cronies and the power that they wielded
to make me go along with what my wealthiest peers wanted.
I blustered and I blathered. I acquired and I flaunted.

But now that I’ve departed, I must say that I’ve regrets.
I should have done the right thing. (I should have hedged my bets.)
For though my life on earth was one of privilege and ease,
I do not find the afterlife all that I might please.
The climate here is much too hot—perpetually baking,
but the greatest agony is that it is of my own making.
It seems that merely proclaiming that I’m on the Christian side
does not actually serve me in saving my own hide.

I realize now that actions must reflect what I profess.
What in life I overlooked, in death I now confess.
I did not serve the common man. I made him pay and pay
by cutting corporate taxes and courting the N.R.A.
I put children in cages, I lusted and I lied.
I turned my back on science as the planet slowly died.
But now  I cannot call fake news all that they accuse
and with no golf courses in Hell,  I finally pay my dues.

PhotPhoto by Jon Tyson on Unsplash. Used with permission.

He may profess to be sorry, but he’s still a rule-breaker. His tweet definitely far exceeds the space limitations of Twitter!

Today’s prompts are: ChestBasketRegretStrange and Yield.


H-e-e-e-re’s Donald!

samantha-sophia-8bLGxhsR8sY-unsplashImage by Samanta Sabina on Unsplash, used with permission

H-e-e-e-re’s Donald!

Our nation’s growing jittery. It seems our ruler’s broken.
In the land of liberty, freedom is just a token.
Surrounded by his family, his fumbling words are brisk.
He issues crazy edicts, putting the world at risk.
As he pens crude letters to men of more distinction,
we cower in our houses. fearing mass extinction.
He poo-poos all our scientists. The climate’s doing fine.
Who cares if the whole planet is headed for decline?
Glaciers swiftly melting. Forest fires raging.
He overlooks the hurricanes, intent upon his caging.
Children are the biggest risk, so he sends them packing.
Makes military decisions with very little backing.
On his situation comedy played on the largest screen,
he spins out the same old story: our country has grown mean.

Prompt words for today are broken, ruler, jittery, brisk and family.