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Trump Tower II

Trump Tower II

The architecture of the house takes his needs to heart.
To create a perfect climate in every single part
was a top priority, so when the north winds blow,
within, he feels no ill-effects from gale or rain or snow.

He’ll find the ambient temperature is perfect day and night.
Summer, winter, spring or fall, be it day or night,
his family will not feel the cold, succumb to summer’s scorch
In the bedroom or the living room, the basement or the porch.

The sound control in every room functions without a hitch,
so when he whispers secrets, the staff can never snitch.
Noise produced in one room is not heard in any other.
He’s protected from Ivanka’s soaps and rock played by her brother.

All-in-all the ambience surrounds them like a glove—
be it balmy climate or all the sounds they love.
Bird song or the ocean or mixtures of the two.
What animal sounds they might crave—an auditory zoo.

Species may vanish off the earth but he will always hear them.
It’s nice to enjoy species without having  to be near them.
Doves cooing, elephants trumpeting, a lion’s hearty roar
might persuade a burglar to remain outside his door.

What cares he if the oceans rise and masses do not love it?
His house converts into a boat so you can float above it.
The whole world may freeze stiff or burn for all that he may care,
for he’ll be protected safely, tucked up in his fine lair.

Prompt words today are architectureambient, succumb, snitch.

Trump’s Desk Gets All the Attention

I just had to send on this terrific piece sent to me by my friend Larry Kolczak:

People Can’t Believe Donald Trump’s Tiny-Looking Desk For His Thanksgiving Rant Isn’t A Joke.

This photograph from Trump’s press conference soon became a meme as Twitter users joked the president had been moved to the kids’ table for Thanksgiving.  Here are some of the comments posted about this picture.

Donald Trump was moved to the kiddie table this Thanksgiving. Watch out, the grown ups are here now.

It’s like one of those “Just Like Mommy” mini kitchen sets they sell in toy catalogs, but for the Resolute Desk.

Looks like this press conference was conducted at
“The Resolute Desk Total Landscaping.”

Awww, look what Trump got for Christmas: Fisher Price’s ‘I’m still President’ Miniature Desk Play Set.

The best part about the tiny desk is this is where he got mad at a reporter and snapped “I’m the president of the United States. Don’t talk to me that way.” A cartoonist couldn’t have imagined it better.

May this be how we remember the Trump presidency: a baby at his tiny little desk throwing a tantrum.

Just want to give an extra Thanksgiving shout-out to the person in Trump’s camp who walked out to look at that desk prior to today’s presser and went, “Yeah, looks good. Bring him in.”

In case you’re wondering how they pulled this off.  Each day, a brave resistance agent would replace his desk with a slightly smaller one.

I think he thought it would make him look bigger and more powerful in comparison.

Sane Words

If you listen and/or watch one commentary on post-election election news, listen to this one. It covers a broad spectrum of upcoming prolems in a succint, listenable monologue.



Fore!!! (Ousted)

Fore!!! (Ousted)

He wasn’t fit, he wasn’t deft.
Of brainpower, he was bereft.
So it should have been a landslide loss
that demoted him from being boss,
but it seems that daftness is in vogue.
Too many voted for the rogue.
Yet when I heard, to my delight,
we’d been  delivered from four years’ blight,
I whooped my whoops and cried my cries.
No constant orange would greet my eyes
whenever I turned on the tube.
We’ve exorcized the bungling boob!

Prompt words today are delight, landslide and  deft. 

Trump’s Actual Accomplishments

Copied from a friend’s Facebook post:
Trump’s actual accomplishments: 1.      Taking a country with 4% of the world’s population and causing 20% of the world’s deaths. 2.      Starting an unwinnable trade war with China without our traditional allies that lost more than 36,000 manufacturing jobs and put a large part of the agricultural sector on welfare. 3.      Gave a large tax cut to the wealthy 4.      Temporarily eliminating the payroll tax, the sole funding support for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and unemployment insurance while saying he will make it permanent if reelected. 5.      Our allies no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear us. 6.      Nominating a supreme court justice that complained about Chief Justice Roberts vote in favor of Obamacare to end coverage for pre-existing conditions for the insurance industry. 7.      Ignored the Pandemic early and then sold an artificial reality that has destroyed the economy and hundreds of thousands of businesses. 8.      Hurt the credibility of the media 9.      Hurt the credibility of voting and democracy 10.  Killed our allies the Kurds. 11.  Improve the profitability of his own businesses like Mar a logo.