Artful Playing

The art play day I planned for today was actually scheduled for tomorrow, so I’m all set, and a friend just came by and wants me to go dancing, so I’m off. (In case you are confused by that last statement, let me explain that I mistakenly prepared a day early and was all set up and waiting for Jan and Mazinka to arrive when I discovered I was a day off.)  Here are some of the preparations I’ve made for tomorrow’s collage art experience.  Each of us is to bring a bag for each of the others that has 10 objects for collage in it.  I had boards cut and have  paint, sand paper and other things to cover the boards with if needed.. Then we will play.  Morrie’s supervising some of the “found” wood objects I collected for collage.  The bags are my objects for the others (and me.) Tables are covered with oil cloth.  One more I will borrow from the beach restaurant next door.  He carried it over this morning, then I had to carry it back when I realized I  was a day off.  Tools, glue and other “needs” are on the table inside ready to be carried out to the porch tomorrow.  Morrie will be no help.  He’ll probably be tangled up in us all day.  Oh well.  Perhaps I can keep him up all night and he’ll sleep in tomorrow.  Fellow artists arrive at 10.  I’m off to Palapa Joe’s to meet Glen and Mario.  Below is a photo of the note she left me on my “art” table on the porch today, built from cut-off zip ties left over from “Morrie guarding” the spiral staircase with screening so he won’t bother the new upstair neighbors.  Tess and Erin taught him how to climb the stairs–now no way to keep him downstairs and out of the upstairs rooms without this precaution.

Click on first photo to enlarge all and read captions.

8 thoughts on “Artful Playing

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I kept forgetting to do so but did get some. Only Jan finished her piece and I think I got at least one good shot. I’ll post later. We just finished and I cleaned up. putting myfeet p now..How can i be so tired ? Couldn’t be the blueberry margaritas, could it?



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