Filled out Time

Filled out Time

I need an elixir, concoction or a potion 
that I can have a swig of to relieve me of the notion
that the pleasure of each moment is something to be earned
and that doing nothing is a pastime to be spurned.

I’m no good at doing nothing. Filling time up is sublime.
That’s why people take up knitting or subscribe to Amazon Prime.
When you do these pastimes, you can do two things at one time.
Have some productivity along with just a fun time.

For those athletically deprived who are actiion-phobic,
just watch a movie as you do exercise aerobic.
When dull friends visit, grab your needles. Have a little knit.
Boring conversation is more fun with yarns in it.

If time is of the essence and you find you’re in a bind,
File your nails in the movies. Your seat mates will not mind
a little sawing action or, even if they do,
chances are your neighbors will be more polite than you.

Read novels while you’re eating if you’re literarily-prone.
A problem when you’ve dinner guests? No problem when alone.
Learn Spanish as you drive around. You’ll never be a dunce
once you learn the secret to doing two things at once!

The point is that all of us driven to fill up days
do not do it out of guilt or because it pays.
Some of us just spend our day with what we love to do,
and we have so many interests that they have to form a queue.

And though I’m not given to hammocks unless I can read a book in them,
I must admit I’ve noticed how good other people look in them.
The  real secret to filling time is if you do eschew it?
It is the gospel truth— there’s no law that you must do it.

The prompt word today is Elixir.

5 thoughts on “Filled out Time

  1. mariaholm

    I really enjoyed your poem Judy: “Boring conversation is more fun with yarns in it.” and this one on eating while reading. A problem with that is that you don’t know how much you have eaten

    Liked by 1 person


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