April Fool

April Fool

The April breeze comes in a wave,
loosening words I’d like to save.
I’m afraid if I use them today,
I’ll simply throw the words away.
I’ve been keeping them around
for when I’m feeling more profound,
but errant winds have tossed them so
I feel I have to let them go.
Here they are, all madly sprawled
across a page they should have crawled
ornate and planned, all neatly sown.
Instead, they’re scattered where they’ve been blown.


The prompt today, which was so late that I didn’t receive it until just now at 5:37 P.M., was ironically, “later.” I leave tomorrow so got up at 5 A.M. to pack, went to writer’s group at 10:30 at which point they still hadn’t published a prompt word, then had two appointments in the afternoon and hurried home to do more packing.  I’ll get the prompt done sooner or “later.”  Is this an April Fool’s joke, WordPress?

I’m also using this as my first day’s NaPoWriMo poem.  Been packing and loading car all day, Will be driving all day tomorrow.  Once I’m home, I’ll do better.


6 thoughts on “April Fool

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes. Sad to be leaving friends here. Happy to be going toward friends on Lake Chapala.. but will be passing one enroute, who is on her way here today. Another will come next week. Shuffled cards.

      Liked by 1 person


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