They Do Not Like Me in Mongolia

I just noticed that they’ve reinstated the stats page that shows readership of blogs country-by-country.  I always enjoyed it and so I was very happy to see it back again.  Then I started to notice little blank spots that indicated countries where no one has ever read my blog, and of course my obsessive side took over. The result is this poem. This happened once years ago with Greenland and eventually they caved in and someone viewed my blog and even commented.  Of course, it was a Filipino who had moved to Greenland, so I am aware of the fact that native Greenlanders still resist my charms, but it took care of that big gap on the map, so I’m happy.  But!  What about all those stans?  Does no one read English there? Is their taste too impeccable to give me even a chance?  Clearly, something needs to be done, so if you know any stans that you can toss into my blog begging cup, please help. Have I been at this too long?  Is it time to stop and find a less public obsession?  Well, we will see.  At any rate, here’s my plea, in rhyme, as usual:

They Do Not Like Me In Mongolia

They do not like me in Mongolia. My blog they are not reading.
The advice I give that they might need, I fear they are not heeding.
The Russians do not snub me, nor do the Turkestanis,
But I see that I have zero stats for Turkmenistanis.
They enjoy me in Samoa and endure me in St. Kitts.
The folks in Montenegro just love me all to bits.
But why won’t they read me in Uzbekistan, I wonder?
I’ve never once insulted them. I’d not make such a blunder.

Tajikistan might like me if they’d give me a chance.
Just ask my faithful readers in Great Britain and in France.
It’s true my knowledge of where Kyrgyzstan lies is most hairy,
and I can only spell it if I use a dictionary;
but still, why won’t they read me? They could have a look and rate me.
And if they noted what my blog is lacking, educate me.
For a year there were no stats that showed us views country by country,
and so I didn’t suffer from the shame and the effrontery

that there were countries missing from my readership
who are surely suffering from lack of leadership
in how to train a Scottie with fifty percent success.
and how best to deal with the chaos and the mess.
How to avoid chocolate, at least one day in ten.
How to post too many pictures of everywhere I’ve been.
I’m expert in so many things that, really, they should know,
so if you know folks in these countries, please be sure to tell them so!

Note: Let’s see if the Eastern block countries will have a little compassion and cave to our pleas.
And since stats are surely a measurement of readership, this post works for the Daily Prompt as well!

35 thoughts on “They Do Not Like Me in Mongolia

  1. Belinda O

    Okay, I do have to wonder if the Mongolian government has control over Internet access. If so, maybe our blogs are blocked. As for Greenland, I can’t come up with a plausible excuse there! Now you’ve got me searching out my stats!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I have actually had 44 views from Greenland. I should put in a link to the poem I shamelessly wrote to recruit a Greenland viewer. Ha. Look under the new stats and when you find the map of today’s views, click on the arrow upper right to see your lifetime map of views. Fun.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. puuje9

        i am not much of a writer myself and i dont know why my account is linked to that baseball blog . My name is Purevdorj and i am a Mongolian, i was just randomly searching about Mongolia on the internet because it is always so interesting to read about the foreigners impression about my country. So the title of your poem captured my attention. I read the comments section and just wanted to let you know you have your Mongolian viewer finally. Btw this is me 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. lifelessons Post author

        Thanks, Puuje, for writing again to explain the mystery. I am so happy to learn someone does like me in Mongolia!! I actually had 8 views from Mongolia yesterday, so you must have looked at a few posts. Thanks very much. Hope to talk to you again. I looked at your instagram photos but didn’t know how to comment so I’m doing so here.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. calmkate

    Ha ha nice way to tie it into the prompt!
    I know some ex-pats in Mongolia, few there speak English let alone read it. And friends don’t get much internet time so it’s usually spent emailing friends and family then updating their FB. The missing African nations probably are too poor to have net access.
    But your coverage is most impressive, a great measure of your blogging success!


      1. calmkate

        Sorry their time is SO limited I don’t keep in touch and as I’ve relocated I don’t even see them when they return home. It’s a very tough and freezing life there …

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  3. mumsthewordblog1

    One of my sons went trekking with a group from school and Tim Cope in Mongolia about 3 years ago and there were limited parts with internet access. 😝🐻


    1. lifelessons Post author

      It is a a self-governing overseas administrative division of Denmark. I had had readers from Denmark and Greenland still didn’t get lit up. There was another island off Denmark that didn’t either. But after I published the poem, someone from Greenland did start reading my blog so it now shows as having views. It was just silliness. Promise not to mount campaigns country by country!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      First of all, thanks for reading and responding. Some do like me in Singapore, by the way and I loved Singapore in the early 70’s! Do you know anyone in Mongolia you could cajole into viewing me and making my week if not my month? Aren’t I shameless? Mongolia has now become a minor goal for me…Isn’t that sad???



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