Having driven head-on into a concrete wall, I have worse wounds elsewhere, but this 9-inch abrasion on my neck caused by the seat belt is the most painful. Thanks, okcfm for suggesting aloe vera.

Fortunate Misfortune

I’ve  been branded by good fortune, garroted and bruised
by the air bag that inflated and the seat belt that I used.
Why do I say thank-you, in spite of all my pains?
It could have been my spinal cord. It might have been my brains.
My car is not so fortunate. I fear its life has ended.
The impression the wall made on it they say cannot be mended.

Once more I’ve dodged a bullet. Once more I’ve stayed alive.
I’ve used up my sixth cat life in order to survive.
Cuts and bruises all heal up. A car can be replaced,
but I cannot overlook the lesson that I’ve faced.
I want to give up worrying about how life will end.
I have no need to worry. I have three lives left to spend!

Impression is today’s prompt word. It also seems appropriate for the later prompt, survive.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Remember when we used to give what we called rope burns? You’d put your two hands on someone’s arm, grip hard and turn one hand in one direction, the other in the opposite direction? It felt like you’d caught on fire, but when released, everything went back to normal. That’s how my neck feels all the time now. I guess it just shows the force of the collision and reaffirms how lucky I am. Yolanda had not one injury–not even any sore muscles. So so glad about that. I would have felt horrible if it had affected her life or health.

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  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I’m glad you are okay. I’ve had some nasty accidents, but I was always held together by seat belts and airbags. I guess we really ARE lucky. You still feel pretty banged up, don’t you. It takes a while for the pulls and bumps and scrapes to settle down. Still glad you are ok!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Me, too. I don’t take such gifts for granted. I keep flashing on those few seconds it took to plow into the wall.. What went through my mind..That big mystery re/ if either of us would still be on this plane a few seconds hence..the utter surprise of intending to go in one direction and going in another instead. Then that impact–like a bomb going off. The airbags..the thick smoke coming into the car. Not being able to get out of the doors or windows. That quick flash of “Is this it, then?” Afterwards, outside the car, I have had not one second of remorse over losing the car. Such a relief that that was all that was lost. As you know, I’m not religious. Nor do I pray. But I do have a belief in the interconnectedness of things and an appreciation of synchronicity or karma or luck or whatever it is. I don’t really think it matters what we call it so long as it brings us closer to others and more determined to treat each other well. Phew. I think these pills are prodding me to think this all out as well. I don’t seem to be able to quit talking, even with my fingers. But, I’ve always enjoyed discussing things with you and I think if we lived closer, we’d be good friends..

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  2. Soul Gifts

    Ouch! However, cars can be replaced. Lives can not. 100% pure lavender essential oil is great for healing and will help reduce scarring. If you do decide to use it, dilute it with a vegetable oil like grapeseed, or even sweet almond oil. Those are good for the skin too. Just wait till it’s not red raw – or apply gently around the wound, not on it.

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  3. Mary Francis McNinch

    An older man turned in front of me and I crashed right into him knocking his pick-up truck over. I was driving back from a training workshop and had a co-worker with me. Both of her arms were broken. The old man and I were not injured. I relive that scene often. The poor girl couldn’t do anything with both arms broken. She did get a new condo in NM with the insurance proceeds though…

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  4. sharon welsch

    Judy, so happy to hear you are ok. What an experience life is – always a surprise to see what the universe offers as a lesson! We think about you often and definitely would love to see you. Let’s connect soon. Love and healing light going your way from Sharon and Bill.

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