The Reveal

The Reveal

Even when she’s in the buff,
he feels she’s not revealed enough.
He wants to know her heart and soul—
to know her entire being, his goal.
But, alas, she cannot do it.
If she does, she knows she’ll rue it.
Much as she loves a certain sir,
there is a certain part of her
that must remain a mystery.
For in this maiden’s history
are other suitors it behooved
to have her secrets all removed.
But when she revealed it all,
one by one, they did not call.
And thus she learned a maiden’s rule:
Men are fickle. Men are cruel.
Lest you be put up on a shelf,
keep parts of you safe in your self.
To keep him interested in your stuff,
Most of you is just enough.




The prompt today was “buff.”

11 thoughts on “The Reveal

  1. slmret

    I love this — and Marilyn’s idea of cross-stitching it is excellent! I had computer issues over the weekend — let my neighbor take it home overnight to fix it. As I wrote out the passwords he needed, I commented that “now you know all my secrets!” His response: “I don’t want to know all your secrets.” It’s back now, and seems to be healthy again — and he shredded the passwords!

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  2. Allenda

    Amen to the above. As I was typing the first sentence, spell check tried to change above to sniveling. Made for an interesting perspective. You look gorgeous in that pic, by the way. Do I remember that garb from a party?

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      It was from the premiere of the Lake Chapala video. I did interviews with people as they left the film and they used some of the interviews in the film. You may not have been here then. The premiere was at Bugambilias Theater.


  3. Anton Wills-Eve

    Oh my Judy! Fearing I might be a little closer to forever than I would like I did the exact opposite to your poem and stripped naked the first 31 years of my very unusual life. I wrote the 168,904th and last word today. It was going to be a Cromwellian ‘warts and all’ bearing of my heart and soul – but somewhere along the way I forgot the warts!☺ Heavens knows how or when it will see the public light of day, but if and when it does I shàll not forget my Mexico muse. Thanks! Ciao. Anton.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Hi Anton. It was good to see your face and hear your words again. You haven’t published anything beyond Ch. 2 on your blog, have you? I’ll look again. Just did a few minutes ago.



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