In Her Cups


This is a collection of pre-Hispanic cups as well as cups used in my mixed media sculptures and coffee cup as art form. You can enlarge them by clicking on any photo.


Oops, I missed this challenge of Cee’s so I’m going to do it this week:

7 thoughts on “In Her Cups

      1. slmret

        Fom an anthropological viewpoint, the creativity is an indication that life was relatively easy — food available, shelter too. The Pacific Northwest Indians were also very prolific artists. Perhaps it was the seafood and fish that made life simpler than farther inland.

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  1. hirundine608

    Very nice collection. If you have more? I would appreciate another post showing them. I am mostly interested here, in the panther cup. The large image on right as viewed. Maybe it does not show it? How is it filled? The only way I can imagine it from the image viewed. Is to submerse it in a larger vat, with one of the straws above the liquid? It looks like clay, which would present a construction challenge? Cheers Jamie.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Jamie, I think it is a wedding cup. The liquid is inside the jaguar’s head. It is hollow. The bride drinks from one side and the groom from the other–tipping the cup up to drink. I have another post about a wedding cup that mysteriously shattered on my dining room table..You can find it by doing a search, I think. Otherwise I’ll find and send a link.



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