Miss(ed) Popularity

Miss(ed) Popularity

Her inflated ego received its puncture
just precisely at the juncture
of her ego colliding with
the truth that contradicted myth.

That she was hot was not debated—
just whether she was educated,
for it was clear to any fool
mere heat does not determine cool.


The prompt today was “punctured.”

About that picture. I was walking along the shore and saw a man sitting in this chair drinking a margarita.  “That’s the life,” I said to him and at this point he got up, offered the chair to me and gave me his margarita.  With the other hand he took the camera from me to snap this photo.  As he did, this woman came out of the ocean and posed in front of me.  I swear this was not set up–at least by me!!!

There is a rear view I will spare your from.  Well, what the heck.  Why spare you from anything?


8 thoughts on “Miss(ed) Popularity

  1. hirundine608

    Wow … hehe? It had me wondering for a mo. How did you do that? All was explained. I swear it was winking at you … do people have no propriety anymore? Do I mind? I guess if they don’t why should I? Still, as much as I believe in; we all have one, some seem to want to flaunt theirs? In a few years it will be as baggy, as us now. How soon the bloom of youth fades. The nipples point south and the ass sags … hohum … good for her and him. May as well use it while you have it? Cheers Jamie

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I believe she saw him offering his chair to another lady and thought she’d come stake her territory! He had evidently been there watching her far out in the waves. I didn’t notice her until he’d started clicking the photos.

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