Forgotten Friend: Fun Foto Challenge June 20, 2017

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I found this much-played-with doll of my youth stuffed into a suitcase at my niece’s house.  She had found it in my sister’s attic.  I thought it had been lost forty years ago when a tornado hit my parent’s house.  Unbeknownst to me, my sister had removed our old toys before the tornado hit. She’s a bit the worst for wear after being played with by two more generations of little girls after me, but her hair, in time’s dreadlocks, looks more up to date than her former perfect curls.


For Cee’s Prompt:

12 thoughts on “Forgotten Friend: Fun Foto Challenge June 20, 2017

    1. lifelessons Post author

      And the dollhouse and some other dolls as well. My grandmother’s and mothers spoons, all mismatched patterns, that I brought home to serve cat food and dog food with..My old books. Like a little treasure trove.

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      1. slmret

        Oh, what fun! I’m in process of downsizing in preparation for a potential move — am finding small treasures here and there, but no large group like that. Each one is a treasure, though

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