Travel Illusions

An Andalusian Businessman Visits Mexico

When business problems brought disillusion,
I hoped to prompt their fast diffusion,
jumping to the fast conclusion
that a coronary occlusion
could be allayed best by the fusion
of tequila and a lime
and so I thought that it was time
to move from Spain to Mexico
to see how well my life would go
in climes more southern, still, than mine.
I’d heard it said on the grape vine
my college sweetheart still lived there.
I thought I’d see how she might fare.
But when this friend sought dissolution
of her marriage, my inclusion
as a witness brought confusion.
It seems the judge had the delusion
that she and I were in collusion—
that it was I who broke their fusion.
He gave me three days of seclusion,
thinking that my simple exclusion
might furnish them a love transfusion.
The Spanish/Mexicano fusion
I now know is mere illusion.
That we’re joined by language is a delusion.
What exacerbated the confusion
was that I spoke in Andalusian!


The prompt today was illusion. (Image downloaded from the Internet.)

9 thoughts on “Travel Illusions

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know. These stories kinda grow up around the available words. In this one I used every one I could think of that rhymed with the prompt. It is a poetic crossword for me..a rhyming game and so much fun. I love where the words lead me. Can’t be planned in advance. I appreciate your reading and commenting. It’s my reward for stubbornly continuing!! How are you Christine? Feeling good? Hope, hope.


      1. Christine Goodnough

        Yes, I’m feeling fairly well physically. I think my cells are behaving.
        My mind still feels at times like ball bearings rolling around up there and crashing into each other. 🙂 But other people tell me they feel the same even without chemo, so what can I say?

        Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I have repeatedly refused to use this stuff as I didn’t want it to get into the water supply. It is just logical that if it is this poisonous you don’t want it to go into the ground, let alone the water!! I pay men yearly to spend days clearing my spare lot instead of this easy (lethal) way out.

      Liked by 1 person


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