I suppose it is the light that is the magnet drawing insects to my screen when I write late at night, but sometimes it seems like an electromagnetic force.  These insects do not flutter, but glue themselves to the screen. That force was active on the night described in this poem.


The prompt today is magnet.

20 thoughts on “Magnet

  1. slmret

    A most creative solution to an unusual problem! I LOVE that wrote around the moth, who probably didn’t know the difference (aren’t their eyes on top of their heads?) — and that you meandered the poem as if it was a moth in flight! And it’s a great poem, too!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I do. Taking it easy. Cancelled the big 70th birthday party I’d planned for Monday. Just going to see a few friends during the week and take it easy. The best laid plans…Just grateful to feel better if not 100 percent. Ready to try food again and for some reason the only thing that sounds good is pepperoni pizza. Go figure.

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      1. Manja Mexi Movie

        Oooh right, you share the birthday with my father. 🙂 He was 70 two years ago. Go ahead, have that pizza. And the party will come sooner or later, I know you! 😉 Cin cin this time tomorrow!


      2. lifelessons Post author

        Aha.. but I wasn’t referring to you, but to Manja Mexi Movie about her dad. But I’ll accept being a jr. to you, too, since you so readily admit it. ;o)


      3. Manja Mexi Movie

        Hhahah. He is also married to my mom, which is another thing you don’t have to be. 😉 No matter how much you’d get along with her. If you ever come to Europe for any reason, do give us a warning. I’d love to show you Piran and Slovenia and my mom. Happy birthday, funny girl, and keep counting your kitties instead of years! ❤

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      4. lifelessons Post author

        The only trip I have fantasized about lately is one where I do just that–visit several blogging friends. I know you’d be a fabulous guide. I’d be a fabulous guide of Mexico as well. Love your last sentence. Those kitties have brought a new zest to my life–mainly by directing my attention away from myself. You have good insight.

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