Flew the Coop: (Not a) Flower of the Day, July 2, 2017


Not a flower, but rather a leaf that fell from a branch of a tall tree I didn’t even know was in my front garden.  It is so obscured by the ferns and hibiscus and palms that I’ve never paid attention to it.  I couldn’t resist showing you this “found” sculpture.  Trying to figure how it could have happened.  The leaf that flew the coop, having released its hold on the branch, must be really brittle and have fallen precisely on the sharp points of the fern leaf bundle that hadn’t spread out yet.  Love these chance beauties of nature.

This is for Cee’s Flower Prompt.  You have to see her incredible photo of a rose Here.

11 thoughts on “Flew the Coop: (Not a) Flower of the Day, July 2, 2017

  1. Judy Reeves

    This reminds me of stories about those tornadoes in places like Kansas and Oklahoma where a single straw will be sent right into a cow’s belly. Nice pix, Judy


      1. hirundine608

        Remi, I suppose that’s as good as any other way of putting it? When I lived in Nelson B.C. I had peonies, that in spring would do such with the previous year’s foliage. Cheers Jamie

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